Margo Davidson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Raised by a single

mother, Margo learned early the challenges that single-parent families face. But with the love and support of her mother, Margo overcame these challenges against many odds. From her early years, Margo Davidson learned the values of hard-work and giving back that shape her commitment to finding solutions that serve communities. 


Margo was the first in her family to graduate college earning a Communications degree from Temple University and started her career as a broadcast journalist. She worked as a radio broadcaster for several years while starting up two non-profit organizations – one to help small businesses grow and the other to make children and families safer. Margo’s leadership has served communities well and was recognized by two legislative bodies and the US Small Business Administration. Most recently Margo was one of several public servants honored for her service by Community College of Philadelphia.

"Sometimes, it's a matter of just talking to people and letting them know that you care about their issues and that you're willing to listen to them." - Margo Davidson

Throughout her years in public service, Margo has always fought to stabilize

communities and create jobs. Her focus on entrepreneurship and small

business development uniquely equips her to create jobs in this economy.

She has also fought to  support public safety as a quality of life concern for our district. 


Above all, Margo acknowledges that her family is her greatest

accomplishment. Married for 25 years to her husband Robert, Margo is also

the proud mother of her four sons, Nadar, Joel, Joshua and lil’ Rob. Margo

was nine months pregnant with her fourth child when she moved to Upper

Darby, 13 years ago.