Margo Davidson

State Representative for the 164 th Legislative District

Making Pennsylvania Better, One Bill at a Time

Since 2010, I have worked hard as a member of the PA House Democrats to support the citizens and small businesses that make our state so great. This includes authorship and co-sponsorship of bills that promote economic justice, educational advocacy, and mental health reform.
Looking forward, I hope to continue improving my district through legislation that puts the needs of the people first. This district deserves legislators who champion the rights of our citizens and help remove the obstacles that prevent them from living their lives safely and securely. And as a Pennsylvania State Representative, I have made it my mission to support the members of my community however I can.
I have always believed in using my position as a public servant to provide impactful, long-term improvements to my district. I invite you to join me in these efforts and learn more about the policies that can help move us toward a better tomorrow.
Margo Davidson
Margo Davidson
Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-05), the Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus,
Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-05), the Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus

Rep Clark and Rep Davidson are two of of only 11 people who flipped a Republican seat during the "Red Wave" in 2010.

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