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American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees District Council 88

United Steelworkers Local 10-1 

Democratic Congressman Bob Brady

Democratic Governor Ed Rendell



Democratic Policy Committee examines state budget education funding. READ MORE

Davidson votes for transportation bill that creates jobs, repairs infrastructure and preserves mass transit. READ MORE

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In 2010, Margo Davidson made history becoming the first Woman, Democrat and African-American from Upper Darby in Delaware county.  She was also the first woman ever to be elected from Delaware County at the state level. As the Democratic State Representative from District 164 for the last three years, Margo represents our local interests in Harrisburg. Margo Davidson is committed to public safety, creating jobs and improving education. 

As an experienced journalist and broadcaster, Margo understands the issues our community is facing and she is dedicating her life to providing solutions and thinking outside the box. She was one of only a few democrats to bring over a million dollars back in public education funding for our local school districts.  Margo Davidson's effective and progressive leadership has served Delaware County well both locally and at the state level - working to get things done and deliver for our district.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 830

Sheet Metal Workers Local 19

Brotherhod of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen

Pennsylvania's Professional Firefighter's Association

Democratic State Senator Tony Williams

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Margo Davidson has been reelected to her 164th District state representative seat for a third time despite the three-way split primary that threatened to unseat her in the state House.   READ MORE

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